Monday, April 26, 2010

New bike : Argon 18 - E114

Weapon of pure speed !

As some of you may know, I will race Ironman Lake Placid later this year (25th of July 2010).

Of course, I'm currently in the middle of my training and I wanted to invest in a Triathlon / Time Trial bike.

After I read a lot of specialized magazine and Internet review, I was looking for a good carbon bike, not necessarily brand new. Being in Canada, I was looking for a local brand and this kind of limited my choice to three potential candidate : Cervelo (of course!), Argon18 and Louis Garneau.

I looked on ebay and other website like Kijiji and Craiglist but no luck up to this point. I also use conventional networking and I knew a friend of mine from the Sherbrooke Cyclist Club that worked for ... Argon 18.

I asked him about possible sales and ... here we are ;-) A two year old model used mainly as a demo unit and kaboom ! A medium sized, full equiped E114 : clearly well over what I was expecting. Fully equipped with Zipp404/808, SRAM Rival.

That's really a great bike, good looking and very light (8.2kg without the pedals).

With this weapon of massive speed, only one thing to do : train harder and give my best on race day ! More pictures on the bike gallery.


  1. Very nice acquisition, Ben! I wouldn't have chosen anything else. Isn't Argon 18 from Montreal? Keep the aerobars slightly tilted upwards as they're now; I have always used then "neutral" and just recently tried that way to found they make for much more confort in long rides. Are those Zipp set tubulars? Nice!!!

  2. Hum... who used to ride that bike? Oh yes, the mighty Thor when breaking Kona's bike record in 2005. Here's a review of his bike: