Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The cloud : freedom or enslavement ?

Enslaved to ?

Cloud companies (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Android and others). They own you and your personal information if you are a person.

If you are an organization/company some/all of your key processes depend on your cloud provider(s) performance. The more you use it, the more you depend on it and ... the more it costs.

They can (and they will) change the contract anytime without your consent...

Freedom from ?

  • legacy companies that produce(d) legacy PC and legacy proprietary software like Microsoft, Adobe, Oracle, etc.

  • a specific device and operating system or browser (you can access your data from any-device anywhere in the world if ... you are connected on the Internet). Beauty of standardization !

  • the expertise needed to understand and manage your IT. Everyone is a cloud expert these days (hint : the true experts work in the field with real servers, real OS and ... a real understanding of IT).

Any thought on this ? What does the cloud free you from ? Are you enslaved by the cloud ?

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